South Africa has one of the fastest rates of environmental decline in the world, according to research conducted by researchers at Yale and Columbia Universities in the US. Their world-wide findings rank SA No. 128 out of 132 countries in terms of its environmental performance index (EPI) released in March 2012.
It is measured as the worst of all the African countries.
 “What is problematic is that South Africa is recognised as having some of the most progressive environmental legislation on the planet and yet the implementation of this legislation seems to be woefully inadequate,” said Gareth Barnes, director of conservation at the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa.
Whale Coast Conservation (WCC) plays a major role in the Overberg ensuring compliance with environmental law and environmental best practice principles. WCC has the expertise to make representations on your behalf. We can comment on environmental impact assessments and can contribute meaningful inputs to environmental laws, provincial and regional integrated development plans and spatial development frameworks.
Our education programmes at schools create future generations of aware & sensitive custodians of the environment.
Join Whale Coast Conservation, relax and enjoy our magnificent natural beauty and wealth, and let us do all the hard yards to conserve it on your behalf.