We can also get Water from Boreholes

People, animals and plants in dry areas get water from boreholes. Often the boreholes are far from houses, so water have to be carried over long distances.


The Hippo water roller (above) is a drum that can be rolled on the ground, making it easier for people without taps to transport water faster and without spilling.


This truck is used to drill boreholes in the ground, it called a drilling rig.

What is a Play Pump?

Follow the explanation of how a pump works by linking the numbers in the diagram to the explanation below.


  • A play pump is a roundabout /merry-go-round (1) pumping water from a borehole (2) As it turns, children enjoy themselves.
  • As the children spin, water is pumped from underground (3) into a large tank (4) high above the ground.
  • A tap (5) is attached to the tank and gives water to people. (See above)