WCC Participated in Hermanus FynArts

by Anina Lee, Whale Coast Conservation


Well, Hermanus’ first ever celebration of the arts has come and gone. The reaction has been wonderful, even if the same cannot be said of the weather. Yours truly started the celebrations by getting her car stuck in a ditch in the pitch dark, lost in a vineyard. Don’t ask. Suffice to say that reflected starlight on a wet road provides enough guidance to walk back to civilisation.


The course on Fynbos was a great success, judging by the fact that over 50 turned up for it and no-one left before the end. This could be partly due to the excellent talks that held everyone spellbound, and partly to the delicious food provided by Patty and her team from BotSoc. Who would want to leave when they could eat like that?

There were many highlights, but with my WCC hat on, I found Sean Privett’s talk about the general ecology of fynbos, its uniqueness and the tremendous threats to fynbos habitat, to be most thought-provoking.

Pat Miller opened our eyes wide to the intricate floral arrangement that is a protea flower and how all its parts are aimed at reproduction; Lee Burman boggled our minds with the variety of ericas that are found in the Cape Floristic Kingdom, and I trust I persuaded a few more people to ‘friend’ a restio.

In general, FynArts sold over 4,000 tickets, with many of the events sold out. Eating was very popular with every ‘special meal’ fully subscribed. The ‘courses’, an innovation for FynArts, did rather well, with the best attendance at the botanical drawing and fynbos courses.  We are convinced next year will ‘fly’.