WCC at the Walker Bay Bird Fair

The Walker Bay Bird Fair in Stanford promises to be a mega-occasion with birding, talks, exhibits and other attractions, taking place in the last week of February. Whale Coast Conservation will have its own exhibition tent open on Friday the 27 and Saturday 28 February. Do come along and to be part of this international Fair.

The theme for the WCC exhibition is “Catchment to Coast” It will feature a large exhibit illustrating the ecological process from mountain to sea. It will show the various habitats with examples of the associated fauna and flora. Special emphasis will be placed on the coastal zone and the promotion of the Walker Bay Hope Spot vision.

Another exhibit will explain the WCC Shark Egg Case Monitoring Project (a citizen-science project) and its value in promoting knowledge about sharks in Walker Bay as well as making natural science accessible to lay persons and school groups.

Frogs are important indicators of the health of wetland and river systems, which provide habitats and feeding grounds for many birds. The WCC Frog Monitoring Project assesses these habitats by analysing the frog population. The fun of the project is combined with gathering valuable scientific data. Interactive touch screens will enable visitors to associate local frogs with their calls.


A Birds of Walker Bay exhibit will present a selection of 18 Birds of Walker Bay on interactive touch screens, together with their calls.

Stripes the Eco-Cat has written educational stories for young children about birds and their roles in nature. He relates his struggles to learn about the ‘eco-thing’, especially when it comes to respecting birds. Whimsical illustrations accompany the stories. There will be children’s story-times and opportunity to dress up in cat paraphernalia.