Water Expo at the GreenHouse

February starts off with World Wetland Week and ends with Leap Day for frogs. March is the time for Water Awareness. Whale Coast Conservation got into the swing by hosting a water expo at the GreenHouse which combines all these themes.


These little Hermanus Private School froggies are practising their jumps!


The big Catchment-to-Coast banner shows the movement of water from the river catchment basin, along the river valleys through various wetlands to the coast where it opens to an estuary. It also gives clues of how humans interact with rivers.
SA is a water scarce country which is made worse when we waste water and pollute it.


How can we save water? At the GreenHouse we harvest water in tanks, we use composting toilets, use greywater to irrigate our plants and water by hand. We also remove thirsty alien plants. Wetlands are very important for cleaning water.


Frogs also like to live in wetlands. Frogs are sensitive creatures that by their presence indicate that an environment is healthy. The learners met a raucous toad and made jumping paper toads.

Walking for Water is an important initiative which draws attention to the reality that many people have to walk far to fetch often dirty, contaminated water every day.

Learners watched a video depicting a day in the life of a rural African woman.