Uses of Water – Domestic, Agriculture and Industrial


Water used for domestic purposes

Water is used for many different things at home. Water is used for cooking, cleaning, drinking and for sanitation. Providing sufficient drinking water and sanitation for people in the developing countries in the world is one of the greatest challenges at the present time. Two thirds of the 330 million living in 20 African countries lack access to safe drinking water. The increasing number of human population all around the world makes it difficult to supply the safe drinking water to everyone especially in the developing countries.

Water used for agriculture 

Agriculture made use of the most water in the world. This is particularly in the case of Africa, Asia and South America. The use of water for irrigation per person varies greatly throughout the world.

Water use for industries

About 1/4 of water is used in the industry. Reference has been made in substantial use of water for cooling and power generation. Water also has a significant role to play as an input for most manufacturing industries especially food processing, brewing and soft drink manufacturing, chemicals and textiles. Much of the water used by the industries, is discharged back into rivers and coastal water causing a significant amount of pollution.