Trees for Hawston

Anina Lee, Whale Coast Conservation

Recently a generous WCC member gifted twenty trees (Harpephyllum caffrum (wild plum), Ekebergia capensis (Cape Ash), Tarconanthus camphoratus (Camphor Bush) Syzigium cordatum (Waterberry), and Olea Africana (Wild Olive)) to the Hawston community. The trees have been planted, with the help and support of the municipality, in and around the braai areas at the parking lot at Hawston beach.

WCC promotes the greening of our urban landscape and has been very successful doing so in the iKamva Lethu Zwelihle Project. This gift of trees allows expansion of the greening ethos to Hawston as well. Hawston is blessed with wonderful natural green areas such as the Paddavlei and milkwood forest. Development of these areas for recreational use by residents and visitors alike is a long-term vision.

Our very harsh and water-strapped local conditions mandate that our greening projects should be supported by appropriate information about water conservation and other sustainable practices.

The greening project will also be expanded into Mount Pleasant as funds allow.