The Frog and the Prince Story

Many, many years ago people did not have piped water and taps. All the water they needed came from wells.  Even the princess who played in the palace garden with her golden ball used the well.

“Oh, no!  My ball fell into the well!  How can I get it out?” She cried.

“Fear not, I will fetch it for you.” croaked a big, fat frog sitting in the bucket of the well.

“Please, oh please.  I will pay whatever you ask for.”

“No; all I want is that you kiss me and allow me to sleep on your pillow.”

“Whatever you want!”

But when the frog returned holding the ball, she grabbed it and ran home.

That evening her father, the king, heard a noise on the front step.  It was the frog.  He told the king all about the princess who did not keep her promise.  Then she had to kiss the frog and allow it to sleep on her pillow.

The next morning there was no frog, only a handsome prince!!

A witch had cast a spell on him….. But that kiss cancelled the spell.

Of course they got married after that!