Switching On To Earth Hour 2013






Every year, around the world, Earth Hour is celebrated on the 23rd of March from 20h30 to 21h30 local time. It serves as a reminder to people everywhere that human activities, especially energy consumption, have a serious impact on the planet, notably our contribution to climate change.

This year Hermanus will once again be part of the global Earth Hour movement. Whale Coast Conservation, in partnership with the Municipality and the Overstrand Junior Council, will organise a fun event on Market Square in front of the Whale Museum.

In contrast to previous years when we were all asked to switch off our lights for an hour as a symbol of our commitment to reducing our impact on the global environment, this year we will not switch off, but switch on. Yes, that’s right! We will encourage the people of Hermanus to switch on to LED lights that use so little energy that we need no longer feel guilty about lighting up our lives.

To illustrate what we mean, we will light up a whale. Well, since the real ones have gone down south, it will have to be the model in front of the Whale Museum. And for good measure we’ll light up the two museums on Market Square as well. We appeal to all businesses that don’t yet have LED lighting, to switch off their lights for that hour to show both commitment to the event and help to make the ‘switching on’ spectacular.

To further add to the fun there will be singing and dancing girls as well. Yes, we know the Stormers will be playing up a storm at Newlands against the Brumbies that evening, so the singing and dancing will only commence after the match. What better way to celebrate a win for both the Stormers and the planet!

And when all the fun is done, we will remember that “Every Hour is Earth Hour”.

written by Dr Anina Lee
February 2013