Stripes – What is a Sustainable Cat

My Sheraine human came to talk to me today. She said the children who came to the Energy Expo really liked my stories and they understood how hard it is for me to learn all the stuff about being sustainable. The children also have to learn about sustainability and it makes it more fun for them if they can learn together with a cat.


“Please explain,” I said to her, “exactly what sustainability is. I hear that word a lot, but I’m not quite sure what it means.” “Well”, Sheraine said, “it means that all living things on the planet must live together in balance with each other. Each species must only take from the earth what they need. If we take more than our share we are stealing from other species and from the people and animals that will come after us.” “Oh, does that mean that humans do not live sustainably, because there are too many of them and they are taking the land and the food from wild animals and then kill them for things they don’t really need – like rhino horns?”





“Well, in a way, yes”, said Sheraine, “some people are very poor and don’t take much, others try to take only what they need, but many humans are greedy and take whatever they can get and don’t leave anything for others.”



I thought about this for a while and decided my humans are not very greedy – they always leave some pellets in my bowl.


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