Stripes – We Won’t Throw Away The Cat

Over my morning milk I noticed that my humans were putting their used tea bags in a special bin marked ‘compost’. I didn’t want to appear ignorant, so I waited till everyone was back at their desks before I peeped inside the bin.

Well, what a mess! There were bits of vegetable peels, and egg shells and apple cores and such things as a cat would never eat. Give me pellets any day!  I thought this must be another eco-thing and I had better find out about it. So I sidled up to my Shirley human and asked her what’s up with the compost thing.

Shirley didn’t laugh or call me stupid. She said just like cats bury their mess, humans also bury theirs. But the big problem is that the places where the mess can go (she said they are called land-fills) are getting full-up and it’s very expensive to take the rubbish there. So we should not throw things away.  Not cats either? No, certainly not cats. What a relief to know I won’t be thrown out of the Green House when I get old. She said the food waste in the bin can all be turned into food for plants called compost.

Well, a good thing it’s not food for cats. Plants can have it, no problem.  What’s more, Shirley said, you can also feed it to the worms and then the plants like it even better.  Seriously?  I think I’ll just finish my milk and then have a nap….



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