Stripes – The Queen Bee

Do you remember I told you that bees are having a tough time because people make them work too hard? Well I didn’t quite understand what that means. How can bees be forced to work?  Nobody can make me work!  Except maybe for food. If my humans stop giving me food I may just have to go out and hunt the wildlife – which is why they feed me so I don’t hunt the wildlife, you see.

And then I remembered my Sheraine human telling me that people (and badgers) love to eat the honey that bees make.  The bees make the honey to feed their babies, so if the humans (and the badgers) steal the honey, then the babies go hungry. So the bees have to go out and collect more nectar and pollen to make honey for the babies – and the queen.

Now I thought that only mommy cats are called queens, but now I hear that bees also have queens. I wonder why mommy cat queens have to be spayed and bee queens don’t.  Maybe it has something to do with how useful they are to humans.  Pretty unfair, though, if you’re a cat. But I suspect it has to do with the eco-thing, which I’m really struggling to understand today.  I’ll have to ask my humans when they come to work tomorrow…..


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