Stripes – The Protected Trees

Today I learned about protected trees.  People do strange things. They like to burn their meat on a fire before eating it. They call it a braai. Now I read on the office email (yes, as I said before, all cats can read – we just don’t like to let on in case they put us to work) that one of our members is concerned about people using Camel Thorn trees for braai wood.

That’s Kameeldoring, in case you don’t know.  I learned that this is illegal because Kameeldorings are protected trees. This means that they must not be harmed, killed, chopped down, transported, sold and certainly not used as braai wood. Did you know that? On my wanderings before I came to WCC I saw lots of people selling Kameeldoring wood and people buying it to sear their meat. I wonder if they know it can get them into big trouble. And these trees are also protected in Namibia!

Kameeldoring trees grow very slowly because they grow in very hot and dry places and they give shade and food to lots of animals. So they have their uses. Talking about animals – I’m just wondering, if I’m not supposed to eat birds, why do people eat chickens…..


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