Stripes – The Energy of the Sun

Today I found out about solar lights. I thought sunshine was just there for cats like me to lie in till we are baked almost to toast. But no! My humans have something to say about that as well. They say the sun gives warmth and light because of all the energy in the sun.

Humans (and cats) can catch some of the energy and use it to heat water (and me) and to make electricity and then store it in a battery to make a light shine after dark. I don’t know why humans need light at night – I can see perfectly well in the dark. Anyway, they showed me a glass bottle with a solar panel in the lid that can catch sunlight and store it until it’s dark and then a light can shine.

Pretty neat – if you like that sort of thing. Well, it makes my humans happy; they say it’s an eco-friendly way to light up the night, and since I’m learning to be an eco-cat, that makes me happy too….


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