Stripes – The Bee Garden

My humans are not here today. I don’t know why they disappear some days, but it’s not much fun for me. I got a bit bored so I decided to check out the ‘bee garden’ they’ve all been on about. They told me it’s supposed to be food for bees.

Funny food they eat – pollen and sweet stuff from flowers.  They said that bees are having a hard time to find a good diet because so many gum trees are being cut down and they are forced to eat all the same kind of food from things called mon-cultures. Never heard of that kind of food before but apparently it means it’s a lot of the same kind of flowers like all apples, or all canola, or all pears. What’s wrong with a good pellet or two?

Anyway I went to see what’s up at the bee garden. There were not many bees – a tad ungrateful, I would say – but a few were around the pincushions. I tried to be friendly, but really – those bees need to learn how to play nice! I think I’ll go and find some birds.

Oops! Almost forgot I’m not supposed to play with birds. Puny little things! I wonder what use they are to anybody. I must remember to ask my humans when they come to amuse me again….


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