Stripes – Kinetic Energy?

I’m feeling better today and looked to see what my humans were up to. They put a whole lot of stuff onto tables and said it had to do with ‘energy’. OK, I know when I run around and dash under the carpet my humans say, “Hey, you have a lot of energy today”.

But I don’t see any of the stuff on the tables dashing about, so how can they have energy?  Well, my humans explained that the ‘exhibits’ – that’s what they call it –  don’t all have energy – they are just there to explain to us what the energy thing is all about, especially how to save it. But some of the stuff, like the battery, does have a kind of energy called potential energy that’s stored in the chemical reactions in the battery. And my kind of running around energy is called kinetic energy.  Crazy, I know!  You try to explain that to a cat!


So I asked my Dante human exactly what this energy is and he said it’s the thing that makes it possible for us to do work. What work? I don’t work! But I do have the kinetic thing!!!  He confused me even more by explaining that a very clever man called a Stein or something told us that Energy is mc squared, but that just brought on a very big headache and I told him I’m totally not interested in things that confuse a cat. He said that if anybody wanted to know more about energy we should all come to the Energy Expo at the Flower Show in September and the humans from Whale Coast Conservation will explain it all.  Well, I certainly hope so!

In the meantime I’m going to look again at the energy stuff on the tables and think about it quietly so I don’t get a headache, and then when I understand better, I’ll try to explain it to you as well – in a cat sort of way….


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