Stripes – Energy Saving

So I explored the energy stuff as a promised. My goodness, what a lot of information! I think when one thing goes in my one ear another thing falls out the other ear.

I heard my humans say that the displays on the tables are there to explain to people how we can save electricity and also save money, because electricity is so expensive these days. And making the electricity by burning coal is a very bad thing for the earth. It’s got something to do with climate change. Oops! I think that one just fell out the other ear. I’ll have to find out again later about the climate thing.

Let me start with the light bulbs. Those are quite easy. Even a cat knows about light bulbs, but I pretended I didn’t so that my Ingrid human would come and give me attention and tell me about them.

Did you know there are different kinds of light bulbs? My humans have some light bulbs in boxes with a thermometer that tells humans how hot or cold it is inside the box. Cats don’t need thermometers to tell us the temperature – we just lie on top of it and we know. After all, we practice temperature-telling every day by lying in the sun. Anyway, the box with the old type of light bulb (Ingrid told me it’s called an incandescent) was really nice and warm. I’ll go and lie on it tomorrow when the cold front comes. The box with the compact fluorescent (wow, I remembered that name!) was not very warm and the box with the LED light inside was no good at all for a cool cat. It wouldn’t warm a cockroach! Ingrid explained to me that the incandescent light used almost all its energy to make heat and not much light at all.

The fluorescent didn’t make so much heat, but Ingrid said it had some nasty stuff called mercury inside which can be very bad for cats (and everyone else) if I should knock it over and it breaks. She said the LED bulb uses all its energy to make light and not heat, so it uses very little electricity. Now I know why Ingrid called it eco-friendly – but it’s not very cat-friendly!  Ingrid says it lasts a long, long time – even longer than my nine lives!

Ingrid told me that we make all our electricity at the Green House from solar panels and wind turbines. Really?  I didn’t know that! How on earth does that happen? More eco-stuff to learn …. But I think I’ll just take a long nap right now….


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