Stripes – A Sting in the Tail

After some nice rain this morning the sun came out and I decided to catch some rays in the bee garden. There were lots of bees collecting pollen and nectar to make their honey. Do you remember I told you about the bees before?

I was careful not to get too close to them because they still haven’t learned to play nice.  My humans clip my nails, so I wonder if they can also clip the stings on the bees.  I asked my Sheraine human if she could please do that, but she just laughed. No, she said, bees are not aggressive (that means they don’t look for a fight) and they will warn us first by bumping into our foreheads before they attack. They are only trying to defend their own stuff like their babies and their food.

In fact, if a bee stings us it dies because the sting gets stuck in our skin and when it tries to pull the sting out it pulls out all its own innards. Well, if that isn’t gross! Serves them right, I say. Sheraine said they usually only have to defend their resources (yes, that’s their stuff) against other bees and bees don’t have elastic skins like we do and so the sting doesn’t get stuck and the bee doesn’t die when it stings.

Bees just aren’t used to other animals taking their food, so they never learned how to sting animals like cats without dying. It’s a good thing I don’t die when I scratch someone by mistake!!!!


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