Stripes – A Lick and a Spit

I was pretending to be fast asleep this morning when I overheard my humans talking about water saving. Why on earth do we need to save water? It hasn’t stopped raining for weeks! In fact my special sand patch is turning into a proper wetland with frogs all over it.

I opened one eye and cocked an eyebrow. Why, I asked, do I need to save water? Well, they got all excited about my ignorance and said that just because we have one wet winter it doesn’t mean we won’t have less rain in the long run. It’s something about a swallow and a summer, but I’m not quite sure what a summer swallow has to do with winter rain. Perhaps when I’m older I’ll understand the climate change thing.

Anyway, my Delray human said we live in a water-scarce country and there is not enough water for all the people and the animals and the food on the farms, so we shouldn’t waste it.  But we save the rain in water tanks at the Green House, I said. Exactly, Delray replied, if it stops raining and we use up all the water in the tanks we won’t have any to wash out hands or our dishes, or water the bee garden. Even short showers with a water-efficient shower head won’t bring back the water we wasted.

Well, what a good thing I don’t need to shower. I keep myself very clean by licking myself all over. But then I get covered with cat spit. Oh dear, I wonder if that’s clean…..


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