Spatial Development Framework – Western Cape Provincial (PSDF)

Western Cape’s Provincial Spatial Development Framework (PSDF)

The PSDF was signed into law in June 2009 as a Structure Plan in terms of Article 4(6) of the Land Use Planning Ordinance (Ordinance 15/1985). It is an important document setting out policy and guidelines important to the transformation towards sustainable living in the Western Cape.


This report describes the Western Cape’s Provincial Spatial Development Framework (PSDF).
The purpose of the PSDF is to:

  • be the spatial expression of the Provincial Growth and Development Strategy (PGDS).
  • guide (metropolitan, district and local) municipal integrated development plans (IDPs) and spatial development frameworks (SDFs)and provincial and municipal framework plans (i.e. sub-SDF spatial plans).
  • help prioritise and align investment and infrastructure plans of other provincial departments, as well as national departments’ and parastatals’ plans and programmes in the Province.
  • provide clear signals to the private sector about desired development directions.
  • increase predictability in the development environment, for example by establishing no-go, conditional and ‘go’ areas for development and, redress the spatial legacy of apartheid.


Draft PSDF Explanatory Manuals