So ‘Who Done It’?

Friday the 30th (not the 13th) was an evening of murder, mystery, fun and a little bit of madness when WCC staged its first attempt at a murder mystery. We like to think that our efforts at entertainment were not entirely unsuccessful. The sharp questions and the way the audience entered into the spirit of the faintly ridiculous, indicated that a fine time was had by all.

Delray vamped it up in blue wig and fake fur as the scorned wife of the (now) late Prof Green, Sheraine was efficient and informed about DNA profiling, Rob officiously secured the crime scene, Shirley wailed at the possible loss of income, Sue leaped up in defence of women, Dominic played it in drag a la Monty Python, Anina was the black widow complete with fake Italian accent, and KGB-trained Dante ‘watched her back’.

Board members also entered into spirit of the mystery – Eleonore as the imperious German botanist, Duncan the depressingly gloomy scientist and Storm as that simpering assistant Twiggy.

Well, in the end the guilty party could only have been the woman most scorned – and anyway, who could believe that fake accent!

The upshot was that, with the generous support of our lovely audience who suspended disbelief and diligently interrogated the suspects, we made some money for our Eco-Schools programme, for which we are most grateful.