Only entropy comes easy – Anton Chekhov

The novelist CP Snow once likened a non-scientist who cannot describe the Second Law of Thermodynamics to a scientist who had not read a work by Shakespeare.
So what exactly is the Second Law and why is it (and its buddy the First Law) so important and where does the dreaded Entropy fit into the story? It’s really all about energy and the conversion of one form of energy to another and work it can do for us. That’s what the Whale Coast Conservation Sustainable Energy Expo will explain. And what’s more you will feel no pain at all. The exhibits are all fun and informative and pitched at the middle school science level.
You will be able to solve the “Energy Crime” and in the process get a handle on that pesky Second Law, not to mention nailing the perpetrator – none other than the enemy Entropy.
A bungee jumping bear will illustrate the conversion of energy; there will be solar-powered toys to explain photovoltaics; wind-powered toys and a merry-go-round to illustrate how a turbine generator work and how kinetic energy is turned into electricity. Will the solar cooker ever replace the braai? Can you really save money with solar water heating in Hermanus?  Can we harness the energy in the waves of Walker Bay? What does an energy-efficient house look like?
Visit the many exhibits on display and explore some of the ways in which we can reduce or dependence on fossil fuels and the electricity currently generated from coal. And, most of all, come and learn how to live more sustainably on our precious earth.
Whale Coast Conservation’s Sustainable Energy Expo is supported by a grant from the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund and takes place on Monday 30 April and Tuesday 1 May from 09h30 to 16h30 just above the Old Harbour in Hermanus. It’s free – so drop in for a really exciting and novel experience – and impress your friends and family by quoting the ‘Laws’!