Moonlight Meander on Hoy’s Koppie

The season was festive and the moon was full. No better time than 23 December to meander round the iconic Hoy’s Koppie by the light of the moon and lanterns. As is the case with all the WCC eco-experiences, it provided both information and entertainment.


As the moon rose over Hoy’s Koppie a crowd of about 160 people started to gather.



Dr Robin Lee engaged the crowd with a lively summary of the history of the Koppie.


As darkness fell, we set off on the wheel-chair friendly path around the Koppie.



After completing the circuit everyone climbed up the stone steps lit by fairy lights.


And sat down to sing along to popular songs



Brilliantly sung by Lara and Nica van Vuren.


They were supported by Denfred Bruintjies and Rob Fryer who rigged the battery and inverter backup for the lights and sound.


There was a spectacular display of swaying lights and sounds from the Koppie.
After the event, David Beattie wrote:
“At the end as I was crossing the road to my car a woman came rushing up to me from the house opposite the car park. She said she was reading in her lounge when she heard the singing, went outside to investigate and saw the spectacular display of torch lights going up the Koppie. She asked who’d arranged it and when I told her it was WCC she asked me to convey her thanks to you for “making it such a special evening for her”. She was so impressed and I thought I detected a small tear in her eye as she hugged me!”
Di Marais, BotSoc Chairperson, wrote:
“I can see the Meander firmly on the Hermanus Christmas calendar in future. It must have been a wonderful sight from Rotary Way.”