At a recent meeting, the new WCC Board recommended simplification of the membership structure as part of a number of amendments to the OCF constitution which will be put to the members at a forthcoming general meeting.

In future there will be only 3 categories of membership: individual, organisational and corporate.

The membership fee in all cases is R200. Members who have been paying higher levels of membership will be regarded as “investors in the environment” in return for tax deduction certificates and be listed as such. You thank you and trust that you will continue your investment in the unique, special, irreplaceable and extremely valuable environment of which we are part custodians.
In addition we have a fabulous, once-off limited offer for new members. New members, who fill in a Woolworths MyPlanet card application and make WCC one of the beneficiaries, will get a year’s membership of WCC absolutely free. We urge existing members also to fill in the application.  It costs you nothing and means a lot to us. Please remember that all membership subscriptions are due by the end of March.

A big thank you to those members who have already renewed subscriptions. To do our job we need your investment.