Meet Bungee Bear


Meet Bungee Bear, with harness attached, who will make the leap into history as the first bungee-jumping bear at the WCC Sustainable Energy Expo – a terrifying feat for a little bear, but all in the interests of illustrating the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy and all that sciency stuff. Like Pooh, he is a bear of very little brain and finds it hard to remember the Second Law of Thermodynamics. But he is sure that by the end of the Expo he will – a little.
But he does remember to switch off lights, use less water, save energy, recycle and all those really important things that help us to live sustainably.
Please come to the Expo and help to give Bungee Bear courage to jump – many times. It’s happening on Monday 30 April and Tuesday 1 May just above the old Harbour in Hermanus from 09h30 each day.