Let’s Explore Energy

1Stripes the Eco-Cat is cramming up on the subject of energy in the hope that he will be allowed to go to Whale Coast Conservation’s Energy Expo at the Hermanus Flower Festival. He asked Bungee Bear to explain how he uses bungee-jumping to show the children the difference between potential and kinetic energy.

Bungee Bear will be at the Expo and will be jumping for science. He suffers from vertigo and will need the encouragement of children to launch himself from the tent rafters.

Children can see the bungee-jumping bear, solar powered toys, a puffing steam roller, an eco-friendly dolls’ house and a solar-powered electric train.

Adults can use the opportunity to learn more about energy-wise options for the home.

You can explore a display of different technologies that can help you to choose the best way to reduce your electricity costs. You can see a typical home lounge functioning off-grid to illustrate what we can do in the home to keep us going during future ‘load shedding’ periods.  What exactly do we need to keep the TV and decoder going for those crucial programmes?  Or perhaps we urgently need the computer and the WiFi and some lights? WCC will offer expert advice on all the technology available and the approximate costs of installation.

Stripes will sadly not be allowed into the nature reserve, so he will be represented by his toy cousin Strepies. But Stripes’ stories about his struggles to understand the energy-thing will feature at the Expo.

Mr Sershan Naidoo, representing the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, will launch an environmental education project using Stripes’ stories to explain environmental issues to children. This special event will take place at 11h30 on Saturday 27th September at the Energy Expo.  All children and their parents are invited.

In addition to the Energy Expo, the Hermanus Flower Festival offers spectacular floral displays and mini-gardens – a feast for the eye. The Festival at Fernkloof Nature Reserve runs from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 September, from 09h00 to 17h00. Entrance to Fernkloof and the Flower Festival is R20 for adults; children under 12 (or in school uniform) are free. Entrance to the Energy Expo is free.

The Exploring Energy Expo is funded by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.

Photo by Denfred Bruintjies