Leap Day For Frogs

Planning for the first national frog day celebration is well underway.  The focus of the Stanford volunteer frog monitoring group will be the Western Leopard Toads of Stanford.   Leap Day occurs on Friday 28 Feb alongside the Stanford Evening Market.  There will be an interactive display and information sharing at the municipal building.  The Western Leopard Toad Volunteer group of Noordhoek, Toadnuts,  has been operating for many years and has established the enviable reputation as being one of South Africa’s most successful citizen science projects, contributing strong local knowledge of the toads to a number of research projects.  The group has also taken up custodianship of their toads and have taken measures to protect them by erecting road signs and fences where road kill was high.  The visibility and conservation success of the Toadnut efforts has attracted international attention and boosted eco-tourism in the area.  A member of the Toadnut group in Noordhoek will speak about their endeavours and lessons learnt at 6:30pm on Leapday.  Naas Terblanche will describe the purpose of the Stanford Frog Group and the Western Leopard Toad project that he has initiated in Stanford.  He will show a selection of the photos in his database of different Western Leopard Toads and visitors can practise their photographic skills on a frog and sign up to the Stanford volunteer group.