Kleinmond Primary Scores Two in a Row

Congratulations to eco-learners at Kleinmond Primary who have recently excelled in two competitions to promote environmental awareness.  The first of these competitions was to encourage water saving and the second was a beach clean-up and recycle project.
The Jo-Jo tank water warden competition took weeks of planning by the eco-committee.  Their excellent presentation to the Headmaster of Kleinmond Primary secured them permission to hold a fun day on 21 June 2012 during school hours to draw the learners’ attention to the importance of saving water.
The committee members were divided into 5 groups, each with a different fun activity to promote water-awareness, and they rotated between the classrooms.  The activities included throwing a ping pong ball into a small container, making posters, general knowledge quiz regarding water facts, a water pledge and a play.
The Committee also appointed Water Wardens who were responsible for ensuring that all the taps in the bathrooms were properly closed.  Posters were placed at strategic places in the school to draw the learners’ attention to the importance of saving water.
During the fun day all the activities were photographed and, at the completion of the fun day, the photographs, pledges and posters were recorded in book form.
Kleinmond Primary and their Eco-School committee so impressed the judges, that they were awarded first prize in the competition.  The learner who entered the competition, Zani Muller, won a Slim-line Jo-Jo tank for her home and the installation cost of R2000, as well as a 5000l Jo-Jo tank for her school and R2000 for its installation.
The learners from Kleinmond Primary were again working for the environment on Friday, 14 September 2012. They participated in a beach clean-up at the Kleinmond Lagoon, organised by Estelle Schuurman of Whale Coast Conservation. They battled the elements, collecting beach litter, but the strong wind on the day made it impossible to separate the litter into three groups namely glass, plastic and paper.
With the help of Whale Coast Conservation who donated 200 plastic bags, Kleinmond Primary managed the second leg of this competition!  The next Friday the learners were each given a plastic bag and asked to recycle all paper, glass and plastic items over the long weekend and to return the full bags to the school on Tuesday. Amazingly, 115 bags full of recyclable material were received on the day.  The committee members were amazed by the enthusiasm of the learners, as the space that was given to them to sort the material was filled to the roof with the bags.
Kleinmond Primary was placed second in this competition, sponsored by PlasticsSA.  Zani Muller also entered this competition on behalf of the school and won a cash prize of R3000 and a microwave oven for the school.
Well done to all the schools in Kleinmond who, with guidance from the Whale Coast Conservation team, did the town proud. With such enthusiasm and passion for the environment, Kleinmond has a very bright future.