Membership Information


Membership of Whale Coast Conservation is free.

At the end of the 2014/15 financial year the Whale Coast Conservation Management Board decided to waive membership fees until further notice.


We need the continuing affirmation and energy of our members. We also need sustainable funding to achieve success. We acknowledge the generous funding contributions to date of several individuals, trusts, non-profit organisations and for-profit companies. Not least, our members have donated generously at our various talks and functions, for which we are grateful.

To maintain our relevance and impact in an environment faced with escalating challenges, we need to attract and secure sustainable funding from many sources. As WCC is a registered Public Benefit Organisation, all donations are tax deductible. We appeal to our members to put us in touch with other potential funders who might be keen to support our activities. In this way, we hope to grow our funding and membership bases and enhance our impact.

You can also nominate WCC as a beneficiary on your MySchool/MyPlanet card.



All members receive the benefits offered by WCC, including our monthly newsletter and other communications as well as invitations to our talks, events, eco-adventures and AGM.

Please visit Whale Coast Technologies at the GreenHouse to find out more about sustainable living options, such as energy saving and living ‘off grid’, and our range of environmental services.

Very importantly, your interests will be served through our advocacy and eco-watch functions and our active participation in various forums and processes where we represent the interests of members. Together we can make a difference. Please invest in WCC as your representative in caring for your environment.