Information About Earth Hour 2014

The big WCC event in March is Earth Hour.

Diarise 29 March for Earth Hour celebrations at Fisherman’s Village in Hermanus.  Entertainment will include an all-day market turning into a unique “Market by Moonlight”. Buskers, singers, dancers and other artists will perform during the day. The headline concert will start at 7 pm, culminating in the ‘earth hour’ highlight between 8.30 and 9.30 pm when the popular Andy van Aarde and the fabulous Tribal Echo will perform.

Earth Hour is all about small actions we can take to make a big difference to the health of the planet. The folk from Whale Coast Conservation will be there all day to explain how Hermanus and other towns along the Whale Coast can become ‘sustainable communities’.

The special message of the evening will be the importance of wetlands – a most threatened habitat – and the partial restoration of the Grotto wetland at Grotto Beach in Hermanus.
You may have seen in the press that Cape Town has been named South Africa’s Earth Hour capital. The honour was awarded as part of the global Earth Hour City Challenge, a collaborative effort between the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Local Governments for Sustainability, which aimed to reward cities prepared to make long-term efforts to combat climate change.

“We are exceptionally proud of Cape Town’s contribution to building a sustainable future that both protects the environment and improves the lives of citizens of South Africa,” said WWF-South Africa’s chief executive, Morné du Plessis.
Are we going to stand back and let Cape Town hog the honours? Or are we going to show what Hermanus can do? Whale Coast Conservation will put on the show. You need to come and get involved.

With support from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, the Whale Museum and Lawrence Heron’s Music and Theatre Management, we aim to put Earth Hour firmly on the Hermanus tourist and conservation map.