How to Laugh Off Load Shedding

WCC offers you the expertise to keep you laughing in the light during load shedding.


Why not buy a UPS inverter set from Whale Coast Conservation and have electricity to continue working through Eskom’s load shedding episodes?

WCC tailors an inverter system to suit your specific needs. WCC has 600 Watt and 1200 Watt inverter systems, and offers larger systems as well, that can be later upgraded to accept PV solar panels. The starting price is from R5,140 for a 600W UPS inverter and a 102 Ah deep cycle battery kit. This is sufficient for PC, WiFi/router, TV and some lights for the expected 4 hours load shedding per day. We recommend starting with a 1200W inverter, however, which allows more lighting and more expansion options if you decide to install PV panels later. The basic 1200W UPS kit costs R8,516.75 (assuming battery cost remains unchanged when stock becomes available mid-February).