How Green Is Our House?

Whale Coast Conservation is not just talking green, we have gone green. Our new home on the R43, between Hawston and Vermont, called the Green House, is going green with sustainable off-grid technology.  We have 18 photovoltaic panels that produce most of our electricity, especially on sunny days. In addition there are 3 horizontal axis wind turbines on the roof and we are expecting a 1 kW vertical axis turbine to be installed soon. The waterless composting toilets are operational and will be invaluable in a situation where water saving is essential. Meantime we are harvesting rainwater from every roof surface while the rains last, our only source of water. The Green House houses the WCC offices, an educational resource centre, a display area and an auditorium. Why not hold your next meeting, workshop or conference in a truly green venue and in the process help us to further develop this venue as a model of off-grid technology. The Green House is generously funded by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund and the G&R Raimondo Family Trust.