Hi I’m Bambino


Hi, Stripes fans, I’m Stripes’ baby brother Bambino. Stripes gave me that name. I think it means baby in Italian.

You see, Stripes is learning Italian because he was invited to go to Italy to teach children there about the eco-thing. They have lots of cats in the big city called Rome, but there isn’t one Eco-Cat among them. The children there are really excited to hear all the stories Stripes is going to tell them about caring for nature.

“What about the children here on the Whale Coast?” I asked, ” Don’t they love your stories as well?”

“Well, little brother, you can start learning about the eco-thing and tell the children what you learn. And I will still write stories for them just like I did before and I’ll send them to you.”

Well. I’m not sure how he will do that, but my Dan human said he will tell me all about the something-net.

This is really all quite exhausting for a baby cat like me, but I’ll try my best for Stripes and the children.