Hermanus CBD Bypass Road

Despite assurances from the then MEC for Transport, Robin Carlisle, that the Hermanus Bypass Road will not happen while he is in office, the planning of the road has nonetheless been going ahead full steam. It has now reached the stage where an EIA is being initiated and public participation is invited.

The road will function as a regional route and consist of a single carriageway within a road reserve of approximately 25 m, with two-way traffic. According to the consultants the exact location of the bypass route has not been determined. Information regarding the impact on the Fernkloof Nature Reserve and areas of potential biodiversity sensitivity (including wetlands) will be included in the Scoping Report that will be released for public comment.

Interested and Affected Parties (IAPs) are invited to comment and/or register on the project database, quoting the DEA&DP reference number DEA&DP Ref No: 16/3/1/2/E2/15/2124/14, SRK Project No: 448281 in your submissions. IAPs must provide their submission together with their name, contact details (preferred method of notification, e.g. e-mail) and an indication of any direct business, financial, personal or other interest which they have in the application, to the contact person indicated below. Note that only registered IAPs will be notified of future meetings and opportunities to provide comment on relevant documentation. Stakeholders who have already submitted their details to SRK do not need to resubmit their registrations.

To submit comments, register or request information please contact: Larissa Heyns of SRK Consulting at lheyns@srk.co.za, Tel: (021) 659 3060.

This is a critical development for a town that depends on environmental tourism. Is our nature reserve seen as open space to be used for infrastructure? We must be vigilant against precedents for any infrastructure development in our reserve. What will then safeguard our reserve from other development? Which of our other nature reserves will then be safe? Your input will influence what happens.

Please register as an IAP and make your views known. Everyone who holds the future of Hermanus dear is urged to be part of this process and to contribute to the best possible outcome.