Habitats in Water

Plant and animal habitats

Many plants and animals live in water. This means that water is their habitat. We can also say plants and animals that live in water have an aquatic habitat. Some organisms (plants and animals) have a fresh water habitat and others a salt water habitat.

Animals in fresh water habitats


Animals in salt water (marine) habitats


Cliff swallows build their nests with mud which need water. These birds live together in groups called colonies.



Many frogs, reptiles, spiders and scorpions eat insects, so insects also form part of that food chain.

This is a man-made insect breeding box.


Penguins dig holes in the ground and in their dung (poo). Many years ago the penguin dung was very valuable and used as fertilizers to make plants grow. People took away most of the penguin dung or guano and the penguins have to raise their chicks out in the open. Many chicks die from heat and being eaten by seagulls.


Now people have to help penguins by given them an artificial habitat.