Solar Technology


As you can see solar technology has advanced to the point that we get almost anything powered directly or indirectly through solar power. Take for instance the top left picture which is of a solar powered radio, now days its common to see someone listening to the radio on their cell phone however your cellphone can run out of power. With this device you can listen to the radio all day provided there is enough sunlight to sustain a charge.

Or you may enjoy recording your family moments on your handheld video recorder, but what about power? When that special family gathering happens would you be stuck without power for your recorder? The answer is no, with the device in the top middle you can take unlimited videos as long as there is sunshine on the device, this means that no longer would you have to worry about the device failing you at that special moment or keep it fully charged all the time in case you need to use it suddenly.

Moving onto the move advanced devices such as the one in the top right of the screen which enables you to charge a multitude of devices because it has a universal mains charger which will work in over 150 countries and has interchangeable heads for UK, Europe, US & Australia along with Charging Tips for: Nokia and mini Nokia, Motorola V66, Samsung E900, Siemens C25 and Sony Ericsson wide connector, mini USB for Motorola RazR V series, Blackberrys and Bluetooth headsets, USB for smart phones, PDAs and other devices, iPod connector & a connector for a Sony PSP and most digital cameras.

Those devices are just some of the standard things you get that are powered by solar energy, now days you even get pest control devices powered by solar energy such as the Mole deterrent device in the bottom left corner. Even cellphones now can be powered directly by solar power such as the Samsung E1107 Crest Solar in the bottom middle which is charged threw the solar panel on the phones back plate. Something as simple as a child’s toy can even be powered threw solar energy as seen in the bottom right picture, if you notice that toy in the store then buy it instead of having to buy your child batteries for his remote control car.

Most of these technologies are not new inventions, they are just not well advertised so people do not know about them. That is why you can see them here so that you will hopefully be able to solve your problems with the help of clean energy!