The Mill Stream Improvement Project and the Dragonfly Connection

Whale Coast Conservation

Date(s) - 22/05/2018
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Green House


Speakers: Sheraine van Wyk and Gabi Kietzka

Sheraine’s talk will cover her work around the Mill Stream in Stanford. This project is also the subject of her PhD thesis. The Mill Stream and associated Willem Appel dam and wetland had become degraded over the years. Sheraine identified the main problem areas through monitoring bio-indicators and water tests, negotiated buy-in from the municipality, involved the local schools and organisations as citizen-scientists, and engaged the local communities in conservation learning. The final product will be a Maintenance Plan for this fragile eco-system with full support from the community. One of the bio-indicators Sheraine used was dragonflies. In the second part of the talk PhD candidate Gabi Kietzka will tell us about these fascinating creatures.