Launch of Whale Coast Technologies

Whale Coast Conservation

Date(s) - 29/08/2017
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Green House


July will also see the launch of the new WCC entity, Whale Coast Technologies (WCT).

For many years WCC has been raising awareness of the unsustainability of the typical western lifestyle. The earth’s resources are finite and we cannot continue life as usual. World population is growing at record pace, as is the desire for more affluent lifestyles.

We have established Whale Coast Technologies (WCT) that will supply technologies to help us to use fewer resources without sacrificing comfort. We will add value by providing expert advice on the best technologies for your particular needs. WCT will also be the point of sales for cigarette butt bins, doggy doo bag dispensers, worm bins, etc.

Moreover, WCT will offer a variety of environmental consulting services.
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