Energy Expo at Hermanus High

Monday 23 July 2012 14h00 – 18h00















The Energy Expo has landed. Whale Coast Conservation’s travelling sustainable energy expo, funded by a grant from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund, has reached Hermanus. This is the slickest, most entertaining, highly educational show in town. First it powered up Gansbaai, then electrified Stanford, energised Mt Pleasant and who knows what will happen in the Hermanus High School Gymnasium on Monday 23 July.

There is something for all ages – from pre-school to grandparents. Ten great hands-on exhibition ‘stations’ illustrate the concept of energy, the different kinds of energy, how we can harness energy to be useful to us, how we can save on energy bills and how we can be responsible in our use of energy. Sounds boring? Far from it. The exhibits comprise a bungee-jumping bear; toy cars that run on elastic power, a mouse trap and compressed air; making waves in Walker Bay; an electric bicycle, a merry-energy-go-round running on child-power; solar-powered toys; wind-propelled toys; solar power demonstrations – both water heating and affordable cooking methods – energy-saving technology and more.
For scholars there is serious scientific content that brings the school syllabus to life as never before. In Gansbaai a 10-year old was overheard explaining to granny that Bungee Bear illustrated the difference between potential and kinetic energy. Who can claim to be able to do that? Well, after visiting the expo anyone could.
For the kiddies there is much fun and excitement to be had. For their parents there are practical illustrations of how we can move towards energy saving in the home. Experts will be on hand to talk about photoelectric and wind turbine installations that need not cost a small ransom. The day will end with a seminar on how to gradually convert to affordable renewable energy.
Whale Coast Conservation’s Sustainable Energy Expo takes place on Monday 23 July from 14h00 to 18h00 in the Hermanus High School Gymnasium. Everyone is welcome to attend – it’s free.