Educational Programme For Schools: Sustainable Communities

Whale Coast Conservation has a vision for our area that all our communities will be sustainable and resilient. In the next year the Sustainability Awareness Project supported by the National Lottery Distribution Trust fund will focus on sustainable communities.

A sustainable community is one that is economically, environmentally, and socially healthy.

To make our communities sustainable we need to look at what’s happening in the rest of the world, see the big picture and then act to make a difference in our own community. “Think global, act local”.

A sustainable community looks after its people, its environment and its economy in such a way that we don’t just benefit today, but also in the future. The educational programme that WCC is offering the schools focuses on one of these components of sustainable communities – viz. the importance of protecting the environment so that people can have a better life.
The things we get for free from nature are called eco-system services. These services from nature include clean air, healthy soil, clean water, protection from floods, pollination of food crops, fish from the sea and many others. This service delivery is free.

The exhibits WCC will take to all Whale Coast schools will illustrate some of the things we can do at home, at school and in our communities to make sure we protect our environment so that we keep getting those important services free from nature.