Environmental Education is an important focus area for Whale Coast Conservation. Sustainable lifestyles start with information and awareness of the environment in which we live. Human impact on the environment not only threatens natural processes but impacts the earth’s ability to sustain human life. It is therefore important to care for our environment so that it can take care of our needs.

Whale Coast Conservation uses a multi-pronged approach to environmental awareness, focusing on both adults and youth.

Educational activities for adults:
• Exhibits at the Green House that highlight topics in energy and water conservation (as well as other natural resources) waste management and the critical importance of biodiversity
• Informative talks by experts in their field;
• Film evenings on environmental topics;
• Eco-adventures and experiences;
• Regular ‘Did You Know’ information snippets in the local press
• A monthly newsletter

Educational activities for the youth:
• The Youth Environment Programme that includes educational ‘Expos’ on appropriate themes
• Youth holiday programmes
• Curriculum-aligned learning materials
• A literacy focus through the publication of stories by Stripes the Eco-Cat