Cape Whale Coast is world renown for being at the heart of Cape Floral Kingdom and for being host to the Marine Big Five. It has as its slogan Cape Whale Coast … wonder never cease. This is a nice but somewhat naive thought, given the fact that development pressures and lack of effective environmental management over recent decades has seen serious degradation of and threats to the biodiversity and aesthetics of the environment throughout the region. Whale Coast Conservation’s Eco-Management work is directed at halting the environmental degradation and … ensuring wonders never cease!

Whale Coast Conservation’s Eco-Management activities divide broadly into a pro-active Eco-Advocacy role and a reactive Eco-Watch role. In the Eco-Advocacy role, we strive to represent civil society’s interests in public participation processes run, for example, to determine governmental policy and develop law affecting the environment and to play a leading role in the development and implementation of environmental management plans (e.g. estuary management plans). We also use every opportunity available to us to lobby government and private sector entities to influence decisions taken that relate to the well-being of our natural environment.

In our Eco-Watch role we monitor compliance with environmental laws and best practice guidelines by, for example, submitting comments during environmental impact assessment processes & reviewing compliance with environmental authorisations for developments. Our track record in the Eco-Management field is excellent and highly regarded in both the private and public sector.

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