Eco Camp

At the beginning of December Sheraine van Wyk organised a camp for learners who had excelled in the Eco-Schools programme over the past year. The camp at the ‘scout camp’ grounds in Voëlklip on the banks of the estuary was in the perfect site. In addition to the obvious fun that was had by all, there was also a purpose to the camp.

The learners undertook a hike along part of the Die Plaat shoreline to Sopiesklip to collect shark egg cases that had washed up on the beach. The presence of these egg cases can provide data about the numbers and types of sharks that live in that part of Walker Bay. Nine cases were found but, alas, also plenty of plastic marine litter. The effect of littering on marine life will be one of the issues highlighted in the waste theme this year.

The weather was perfect, the camp site a treat and the water in the newly breached estuary very inviting. After the long walk and much swimming, the campers were just getting into their stride. No one wanted to leave. By popular demand the camp was extended by a night. It was voted by all to be the best way to celebrate the start of the summer holidays.