Earth systems and the water cycle

An ecosystem is a living system where different organisms interact with one another and with the environment they live in.  The environment includes biotic (living) things as well as abiotic (non-living) things.  The Biosphere is the part of the earth where life is found.

The biosphere has three parts: the hydrosphere, atmosphere and lithosphere.

The Atmosphere is the mass of air surrounding the earth.

The Hydrosphere is all the earth’s water, liquid water above ground and underground. It includes the frozen water on mountain tops, floating in oceans as well as water vapour in the atmosphere.

The Lithosphere is the earth’s crust (soil and rock) and mantle just beneath the crust.

Did you know? The Biosphere is sometimes called the Ecosphere.

 QUESTION TIME: What is needed by all organisms to survive in the biosphere?

ANSWER: water, energy (from food), gases (oxygen for people and animals, carbon dioxide for plants), soil and favourable temperatures.