Earth Hour with Whale Coast Conservation

The hour approaches – Earth Hour. On Saturday 29 March towns and cities all over the world will celebrate Earth Hour. And so will Hermanus and Whale Coast Conservation. The whole day will be devoted to entertainment – and reminders of the small things we can do ‘every hour’ to make a big difference to the health of our earth.

There will be a morning market, a ‘moonlight market’, dancing, singing and marching; and performances by Andy van Aarde, Jerry Fourie, Joel Martins and Mocca Java. The star event during the ‘earth hour’ when the lights go out from 8.30 to 9.30pm is the fabulous Tribal Echo.

At the Whale Coast Conservation stall you can find out how to ‘have the power’ when load shedding comes and you will meet local critters like frogs and ‘mermaids’ purses’.

Bring the whole family – all this entertainment is free.