Earth Hour Every Hour

Whale Coast Conservation and the Cliff Path Management Group are inviting everyone, young and old, inventive or artistic, to bring a light and join us at the amphitheater on the Waterfront (near the Old Harbour) in Hermanus on Saturday 31 March between 20h30 and 21h30 to participate in Earth Hour.
At that time, on that day, countries around the world will join in a symbolic gesture to ‘switch off the lights’ to reaffirm their commitment to reduce the use of fossil fuels in an effort to slow down global climate change. While switching off a few lights in Hermanus will have little impact on global climate it symbolises a commitment to reduce our use of unsustainable energy sources and hence our carbon emissions.
You are challenged to bring any source of lighting with you that does not rely on electricity  – something that is unusual, innovative, eco-friendly or simply gorgeous.   Prizes will be awarded for the most original forms of lighting and for the most creatively decorated.  And no, glow worms are not acceptable.
Come and have some fun, stroll along the cliff path by lantern light, give a thought to the effects of global climate change on the Western Cape and make a commitment that every hour will be earth hour.