CNBC Africa visits Whale Coast Conservation

By Anina Lee

A film crew from the CNBC Africa network recently visited WCC to get insight into our contribution to the sustainable economic future of the Overstrand.

CNBC Africa is part of the global CNBC 24 hour broadcasting network reporting live financial and business information from the major financial centres in Africa, the US, Europe and Asia.

The network’s series called “Latitude” will include an episode on Hermanus which focuses on the various attractions of the town and the contribution that whales and the natural environment make to the economy of Hermanus. It will also look at the tourism opportunities generated by the Whale Festival.

The programme will also focus on the important role that WCC plays in the conservation of this priceless natural environment, especially the form of environmental education taught in the Eco-Schools and YES Programmes. The crew was delighted with the presentations by learners of Hermanus Private School.