Wildlife Rescue

HOW YOU CAN HELP TO RESCUE WILDLIFE What is going on? A baby seal attacking people in the sea; a seal stoned on a Cape Town beach and injured so badly it had to be euthanised; another seal harassed by people and their dogs; a baby owl killed by school children who believed it was […]

Southern Ground Hornbill

BROMVOȆL Don’t you just love the onomatopoeic Afrikaans names for some of our birds? Think of the “hoephoep” or “bromvoël” (“brom” meaning “growl” or “grumble” in English). The former is easy to guess, and the latter is, of course, also known as the Southern Ground Hornbill (Bucorvus leadbetteri). The bromvoël has several vocalisations. Apart from […]

Meet the Mob

Photo: Britannica Do you remember “Meerkat Manor”? It was a documentary drama series which aired for several seasons from 2005. It follows a meerkat family (known as a “mob”) living in the Kalahari Desert, called the Whiskers. Flower is the leader/dominant female of the group, Zaphod is her partner and the dominant male, Youssarian is […]