Biodiversity Importance

It provides some of our basic needs, like building material, furniture and firewood. These things also keep the economy going. It makes the air that we breathe much cleaner, when plants absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, while giving us oxygen. Biodiversity is also important to the economy, all the crops that is grown everywhere and the bees that pollinate many of our plants. There are many medical benefits to humans from plants and animals. South African examples are the Buchu plant for stomach ailments and the Rooibos tea plant.


Many rural African communities rely on traditional medication when ill. Biodiversity helps with job creation and reduces poverty in building material production, medicine making, horticulture, farming. Biodiversity teaches us about our natural heritage, with our unique Fynbos Biome on our doorstep. It is very important to preserve this natural heritage for the future generations.