What Do We Do

Whale Coast Conservation’s slogan says that we care for your environment. We care deeply for our environment – but we all depend on that environment for our prosperity and wellbeing.
How does WCC care for our environment?

  • It ensures public representation in public participation processes that contribute to environmental and developmental policies and legislation; it monitors regional development; and ensures compliance with legislation and guidelines.
  • WCC increases general public awareness of sustainability through environmental education, citizen-science research projects and community projects.
  • WCC communicates with its audience through Expos, signage, technology demonstrations, workshops, talks, newsletters and articles.
  • WCC places emphasis on educating future generations through its Youth Environment Programme (YEP). YEP is offered to 24 schools in its target area with a total of over 10,000 learners.
  • The highlight of the calendar is an annual ‘travelling Sustainability Expo’ consisting of 10-12 interactive displays that visits 6 venues and 24 schools, reaching over 2,000 learners each year.
  • WCC also organises participation of schools in special events such as Earth Day, Walking for Water, Arbour Day and Coastal Clean-ups.
  • The Green House Environmental Awareness Centre serves the Cape Whale Coast communities and visitors by demonstration of practical application of green technologies and providing facilities for exhibitions workshops, courses and talks.
  • Citizen science projects introduce environmental science to lay enthusiasts. Present projects monitor frogs as indicators of wetland health and shark egg cases as indicators of specific shark populations in Walker Bay.
  • A “Green Zwelihle” project and a garden competition promote greening of low-income areas in Hermanus and Hawston.